Pavers Maple Creek Road Trip

Paver Members,

Early this year I sent out an email to see how much interest there was,
among the Pavers members, to attend a weekend road trip to Cypress Hills for
some road biking, mountain biking or both and of course some socializing.
There was enough interest to warrant booking some accommodations, which I
did. See the link for information on our accommodations.

You may have to bring your own bedding depending on how many people come and
how many people are willing to share their bed. Powered camp sites are also available here.
I am now looking for a commitment from anyone that would like to attend. We
will be leaving  Thursday evening June 20 and return Sunday evening the 23nd.
That would give us all day Friday and Saturday and a few hours on Sunday to
ride. Cypress Hills offers some very scenic road rides and mountain bike
rides so all club members are invited to come. Please email me by the end of
May to let me know if you are coming.

My apologizes to our dedicated Learn to Mountain bike coaches that can’t attend because they will be busy running their classes. I will try and plan this for the fall next year.

The Pavers executive has decided that the club would pick up the first
$1000.00 of expenses. This facility has a group kitchen so the plan is to
assign different members to be responsible for certain meals. That would
include groceries and cooking. We where hoping to rent the  van so we could
travel together but it is not available that weekend so we will arrange car
pooling. Please let me know if you are able to drive as well as now much
room you have for passengers and bikes.


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