Upcoming Club Rides!

September 19th – Buffalo Pound Provincial Park @ 10 am – With the great fall weather lets get out and enjoy some great riding together. Lets meet at the lower Chalet at 10am. We can break into groups based on experience as needed but this will be a no-drop ride! Sign up in Cycle Club app.

September 23rd – Thursday Night Ride – Wakamow Valley in Moose Jaw. Meet at the 7th Ave Bridge at 6:15. The ride length will be 60-90 min. With the shorter days lights will be needed to be seen on the ride home. There is a possibility that the ride will extend into a night ride for those with lights for riding. Last week it was an absolute blast night riding. If you are looking for lights check out the local bike shops as there are lots of great options. This ride is posted in Cycle Club app and please sign up in the app.

September 24-26 – to be determined.

riding the Eco Trials at night – so much fun!

Club Activities – May 3-8/21

Thank you to everyone for being part of a fun, first group ride of 2021! Check out Pierre’s video edit of the ride!

This week the following rides are planned:

Prairie Pedals Ladies Ride – Wednesday @ 9am. This is a recreational trail ride for beginner riders, but all levels welcome! Ride style is casual and easy-paced. Learn basic mountain bike skills and increase your fitness while riding as a group in the beautiful Wakamow Valley. Ride is approximately 60 mins. Bring your mountain bike, helmet and water.* Meet at the Cree bridge.

Thursday Night Ride – meet at the 7th Ave bridge and will ride at 6:15. This ride will be 60-90 mins long mountain bike ride across the trails in Wakamow Valley and will be a no drop ride. The ride will break into novice and intermediate groups with the pace and route will be tailored skill and fitness of the group. Check the A-B-C’s (air-brakes-chain) and remember to bring water and wear a helmet.*

Saturday Youth Ride – meeting at 10:00am at the 7th Ave bridge. This will be led by Coach Pierre and additional details can be found here. *

* Please signup for the rides you will be attending in the Cycle Club app. You will get a reminder of the ride and notification to complete the health check the day of the ride. Rider attendance is also required for contact tracing so the Cycling Club app will be used for this and riders will need to sign in at least one hour prior to the ride. The app can be used via mobile device or PC. The app will also look after the required covid screening.

The rides are open to all 2021 Pavers club members. Sorry, no guest riders permitted at this time. We will be following the Sask Cycling Association – Return to Cycling guidelines and SHA requirements, so there will be a 3 meter protective distancing during the ride.

Youth Trail Rides – YEAH!!!


The Moose Jaw Pavers are excited to be able to offer youth trail riding each weekend for May and June, led by an NCCP coach. This will be organized a little different this year as it will be primarily trail riding with focused learning on trail skills. There will be 2 age groups (8-12 and 13-17). This will follow all the rules as required by Saskatchewan Health Authority and Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA). All that is required is a mountain bike, helmet, water bottle and a membership with the SCA and Moose Jaw Pavers (insurance coverage).

We look forward to seeing you there!

more details HERE

Membership Renewal + Activities!!

It is time to dust off the bikes and get them ready for an active time of spring and summer riding. Now is the time to renew your membership and participate in the organized riding opportunities in 2021. Club rides will officially begin May 1st but dry trails in April may mean some club rides. Changes will be made to adjust to any needed changes in the SCA Return to Play. Sign up for your membership HERE!

Planned Activities

With the current restrictions in place for group activities this year will start off with activities planned for May and June. As summer progresses and there is a feel for changes in guidelines activities will be added. Specific details on the club events will be posted in early April. You must be a member to participate! Club based activities for this first block will be:

  • Prairie Pedals – Ladies only ride. This is a great chance to get out and be part of a supportive group of ladies for fun focused mountain bike ride. Selfies included! Check out this recent article about ladies rides in Saskatchewan! Nicely done Laurie!
  • Youth Ride group – lead by an NCCP coach and following safe coaching practices this will be a chance for Moose Jaw youth aged 9-14 to ride trails. This year the format will be different then past. There will not be structured skill sessions but will be rides focused and learning opportunities throughout. These rides will be Saturday mornings.
  • Thursday Night Rides – a mountain bike ride in Wakamow Valley Trails will be similar to last year but this year we will break into a novice group and intermediate group then meet at the end of the ride.

Additional activities being planned:

  • Solo Challenge – more details to follow but this will consist of routes being posted weekly. Complete the ride at your pace. The ride styles will vary and will be xc or enduro themed. There may even be a gravel route. Club members who participate will be entered in a draw for some prizes. Details to follow!
  • Buffalo Pound Lake – Qu’Appelle Valley gravel experience! This will be a socially distanced ride. Details to follow!

Membership Perks

In addition to the discounts provided as part of the SCA membership there are some member discounts available. The following discounts are available for members this year:

– to use promo code MJPAVERS when booking your service and Velofix will be supporting the club by providing the following back to the club.

  • For a basic bike service, $5 to the club
  • For major bike service, $10 to the club; and
  • For the overhaul, $18 to the club.

Book service online at velofix.com | Mobile Bike Shop and feel free to share the promo code with friends and family!

– this is online mountain bike skill coaching. 1000’s of riders around the world are members and improving their mtbing skills. Through an EXCLUSIVE partnership members of the Moose Jaw Pavers will receive a 15% discount of membership. Details on this are available at https://moosejawpavers.ca/rlc-group-partnership/. Members interested in this can get the code by emailing the club moosejawpavers@gmail.com


There are often many questions around insurance. Check out this informative blog post for SCA members on the Insurance Program (https://saskcycling.ca/your-questions-about-the-scas-insurance-options-for-members-answered/) .

Our Community Supporters

A HUGE THANK YOU to the following business that support our club each year.

2020 Prairie Pedals Rides

PRAIRIE PEDALS ladies only ride is back! YEAH! Things are a little different this year, so please familiarize yourself with the following (short version at the bottom, but please read the long portion before you ride!).

Week 1: June 29, 2020 at 8am *faints* at the south end of 7th SW. If you don’t know where that is, go on South Hill and follow 7th down the closed road until you can’t go any further because the bridge is closed.

Following weeks will be posted on this page with times and locations, and we are aiming to ride until August 31, 2020.

As always this is a no-drop ride. We will stop regularly to prepare you for what’s coming up, selfies, and give those who need it (*ahem* me) time to catch up. Beginners are encouraged and more than welcome!


Club members and guests share the responsibility for making club rides as safe as possible and helmets are mandatory for all ride participants.

All trail closures and directional markings must be respected.

Everyone is responsible for having their bike in good working order, wearing a helmet, bringing their own mechanical needs, and bringing your own water, snacks, bug spray, and sun screen as needed. THESE ITEMS MAY NOT BE SHARED.  Also recommended are a face mask, and hand sanitizer for use before and after rides.

If you are showing signs of COVID-19, please do not come to a ride and instead take the time to get better.  If you test positive for COVID-19 after the ride please let Saskatchewan Health know you were on the ride and they will obtain a participant list to conduct contact tracing.

Please keep in mind we are limited to 10 riders per ride, including ride coordinator and ride leader.  If need be, we may split into 2 groups if there are 2 leaders available. We are limiting non-member riders participating under waiver only to one per ride.

Rider membership and waivers must be completed online a minimum of ONE HOUR before ride begins. Papers cannot be turned into a ride coordinator.

Non-members will need to complete both of these waivers (COVID-19 Waiver and non-member waiver). Please email these to prairiepedals@gmail.com to reserve your spot (first messaged, first served), we will go down the list of those interested to ensure as many people as possible are able to experience our rides. Papers cannot be turned in to ride coordinator.

If you are having issues with any of these links please message prairiepedals@gmail.com and we will be glad to assist you.

Short form: PRAIRIE PEDALS ladies only ride is beginning June 29, 2020. Beginners please join us! Social distancing is required or we get shut down. Be respectful of the trails. Bring anything you might need, nothing can be shared. Don’t forget hand sanitizer and helmet. If you’re sick, stay away! If you get sick, let us know. Sign up in advance. We are limited to how many can come with us.

Open House Ride

Enjoyable spring ride through Wakamow Valley.

The Moose Jaw Pavers are hosting a recreational ride along the trails of Wakamow Valley on Saturday, April 27th. We want to introduce and inspire fellow Moose Javians to hit the trails. This is a great chance to experience riding with your community members and explore the valley in a new way. All you need is a mountain bike in working condition, helmet, and water. Experienced riders from the club will be leading the ride, focusing on smiles not miles! You do not need to be a member of the club to attend this ride but you do need to complete the waiver below.

RSVP prior to ride: moosejawpavers@gmail.com

When: April 27 @ 10:30am

Where: Ride leaves from the parking lot across from the Burger Cabin