Winter Trail Use – Buffalo Pound PP

Exciting news on winter trail use at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. This winter they will be maintaining a network of trails for winter use (fatbiking, snowshoeing, xc sking etc). To ensure the trails are maintained, a trails maintenance specialist will be spending 2 days per week grooming a network of trails. As well the roads and parking areas will be maintained so there will be access. Three loops will be maintained consisting of:

  1. Trailhead area – Beaver Loop (west side) to Hawks Hill to Roots climb to Beaver Loop (east side).
  2. Nicole Flats Loop – parking available near the bison paddock. This is a fun loop to the homestead and then around the Nicole Marsh.
  3. Elmview and Maverick trail – Maverick trail is a new trail along the road that connect Maple Vale and Elmview. This loop will also go through the Shady Lane seasonal area which features some fantastic scenery.