Upcoming Rides – June 27th – July 1st

Below are the upcoming club rides. With the lessening of restrictions on our activities we are able to offer a limited number of “Try-it” spots on each ride. This is a great way for non-members to come and participate in a ride or two before joining. These spots can also be useful for any members to bring friends/family along for a club ride. To participate as a “Try-it” you simply need to complete the Non-member Waiver and return it to the Pavers 1 hour before the scheduled ride begins. Completed waivers can be emailed to the Pavers .

Sunday June 27th – Club group ride at Buffalo Pound. Ride starts at 8:30 Lower Chalet. The ride will separate into a novice and intermediate groups. Sign up so we can ensure a ride leader is there for each level. Ride details are posted in Cycle Club, sign-up and complete the health check.

Pedals Ride (June 30th) – meet at the bridge for 9am trail ride. This is Moose Jaw’s only ladies only group trail ride. Bring water, bike and helmet. Also sign up in the app.

Thursday Night Ride (July 1st) – meet at the 7th Avenue bridge at 6:15 pm. The ride will separate into a novice and intermediate groups. This is a trail ride and will be 60-90 minutes, enjoying the trails in Wakamow Valley. Trail conditions are AWESOME! A mountain bike is most suitable for this ride. Bring water and wear your helmet! Sign up in the app so that leaders for both ride groups are avaible to the ride.

Winter Trail Use – Buffalo Pound PP

Exciting news on winter trail use at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. This winter they will be maintaining a network of trails for winter use (fatbiking, snowshoeing, xc sking etc). To ensure the trails are maintained, a trails maintenance specialist will be spending 2 days per week grooming a network of trails. As well the roads and parking areas will be maintained so there will be access. Three loops will be maintained consisting of:

  1. Trailhead area – Beaver Loop (west side) to Hawks Hill to Roots climb to Beaver Loop (east side).
  2. Nicole Flats Loop – parking available near the bison paddock. This is a fun loop to the homestead and then around the Nicole Marsh.
  3. Elmview and Maverick trail – Maverick trail is a new trail along the road that connect Maple Vale and Elmview. This loop will also go through the Shady Lane seasonal area which features some fantastic scenery.

And So Begins The 2018 Riding Season

Yeah – spring weather is finally here and it is time to get outside and ride. There are lots of fun activities planned for this year including an IMBA Trail Care weekend in early July (more to follow) but this will be an excellent weekend around sustainable trails and work on a trail project from the leaders in sustainable trails. Club memberships are now live so get your membership (https://moosejawpavers.ca/join-the-pavers/).

The Pavers will be hosting 2 races this year. The Spring Classic is May 5-6 and will follow the traditional format for the event. If you are not planning on racing that weekend we will need volunteers to set up/tear down the Crit course and be a marshal at the crit and road race. Details on volunteering will be sent out separately. The second race is the Buffalo Pounder on June 10 and we will need race day volunteers for that as well.

2018 Group rides!!! Riding bikes are fun and it is fun to do with a group. For group road rides this year I (Rob) will lead one ride per week, it will be either a Wednesday (@615) or Saturday morning and the ride will be sent out on Monday. If someone would like to lead the second ride please let me know. The rides will meet at Safeway Starbuck patio. Ride time and route to be decided based on weather (wind).

2018 also marks the return of youth cycling development. After a short break, the Learn2MTB program is rollin again. This will start on May 5. Details and registration are available at https://moosejawpavers.ca/events/mountain-biking-development/.

Fridays are #ferdagirls and a Paver membership is your ticket to ride. Last year this was a fun ladies led ride at Buffalo Pound.

Volunteers Prizes!!! Last year Ray won a sweet Norco Fatbike for his countless hours performing trail maintenance at Buffalo Pound. The prize for this year is still being finalized. It could be a bike or it may be a gift card but it will be awesome. To win you need to volunteer at a race, lead a group ride or assist with some trail maintenance. Details will be posted on the website when the prize is finalized.

Ride ON!



Buffalo Pound Trails Update

Hello Everyone,

Well, trail maintenance is starting.  Heaven is complete and I took out a lot of trees by the shelter on Beaver Loop.

Due to my work schedule, I cannot make it out until June 1 weekend for a “formal” cutting day, but I am going out on my days off during the week until month end to cut whatever I can.

If you want to go out and cut on your own, pick a trail and cut the overhanging branches, then let me know at twix@sasktel.net so I can update our website.

Bring tree pruners (big ones) and a bow saw.  I found this very effective. If you find a tree over the trail that needs a chainsaw, let me know and the park will cut it.

The park will cut everything we tell them to in a week or two. They are opening this Thursday and are very busy due to the late spring.  They will
help out after they are up and running for the season.

The big cutting weekend is June22 & 23, more info later.


Buffalo Pound trails are ridable!




Some of the the trails at Buffalo Pound are rideable, but beware of some winter debris! Please also be considerate of other riders and Mother Nature, and avoid trails that are still muddy from the melt. Riding sensitive trails can speed erosion, expose roots, create varying and confusing paths, and make mud holes even deeper. Getting dirty is fun, but ruining our prairie oasis isn’t.

We, along with others, will be doing some trail maintenance over the summer. If you want to come help, keep an eye out here for more info as it becomes available.

Thanks to Matt and Jocelyn Froehlich for the pictures.