Club Rides – Week of July 13th – NEW ride added

The following are the club rides for the week of July 13, 2020.

Monday July 13th – Prairie Pedals ladies only ride will be meeting at the bottom of 7th Avenue at 8am. This is an enjoyable paced ride that will be approximately 60 min long. The terrain covered is suitable for all riders.

Thursday July 16th – Thursday Night Ride is a new ride for club members. We will meet at 6:15 at the bottom of 7th Avenue. This ride will be 60-90 mins long mountain bike ride across the trails in Wakamow Valley and will be a no drop ride.

Check the A-B-C’s (air-brakes-chain) and remember to bring water and wear a helmet. W mountain bike is most suitable for these rides. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 please stay home and rest.


These rides are for club members and will be following the Saskatchewan Cycling Association’s Return to Play Guidelines that have been approved by the provincial government. Each ride has only 1 spot available for non-members who can attend 1 ride on a waiver (based on the first submitted waiver). Both the COVID-19 Waiver and non-member waiver MUST submit be completed waiver via email (min. 1 hr prior to ride). If waiver is not submitted you will unfortunately not be allowed to participate on these rides. Please email the non-member waiver. Joining the club takes less then 5 mins and can be completed online.

See you on the trails!

2020 Prairie Pedals Rides

PRAIRIE PEDALS ladies only ride is back! YEAH! Things are a little different this year, so please familiarize yourself with the following (short version at the bottom, but please read the long portion before you ride!).

Week 1: June 29, 2020 at 8am *faints* at the south end of 7th SW. If you don’t know where that is, go on South Hill and follow 7th down the closed road until you can’t go any further because the bridge is closed.

Following weeks will be posted on this page with times and locations, and we are aiming to ride until August 31, 2020.

As always this is a no-drop ride. We will stop regularly to prepare you for what’s coming up, selfies, and give those who need it (*ahem* me) time to catch up. Beginners are encouraged and more than welcome!


Club members and guests share the responsibility for making club rides as safe as possible and helmets are mandatory for all ride participants.

All trail closures and directional markings must be respected.

Everyone is responsible for having their bike in good working order, wearing a helmet, bringing their own mechanical needs, and bringing your own water, snacks, bug spray, and sun screen as needed. THESE ITEMS MAY NOT BE SHARED.  Also recommended are a face mask, and hand sanitizer for use before and after rides.

If you are showing signs of COVID-19, please do not come to a ride and instead take the time to get better.  If you test positive for COVID-19 after the ride please let Saskatchewan Health know you were on the ride and they will obtain a participant list to conduct contact tracing.

Please keep in mind we are limited to 10 riders per ride, including ride coordinator and ride leader.  If need be, we may split into 2 groups if there are 2 leaders available. We are limiting non-member riders participating under waiver only to one per ride.

Rider membership and waivers must be completed online a minimum of ONE HOUR before ride begins. Papers cannot be turned into a ride coordinator.

Non-members will need to complete both of these waivers (COVID-19 Waiver and non-member waiver). Please email these to to reserve your spot (first messaged, first served), we will go down the list of those interested to ensure as many people as possible are able to experience our rides. Papers cannot be turned in to ride coordinator.

If you are having issues with any of these links please message and we will be glad to assist you.

Short form: PRAIRIE PEDALS ladies only ride is beginning June 29, 2020. Beginners please join us! Social distancing is required or we get shut down. Be respectful of the trails. Bring anything you might need, nothing can be shared. Don’t forget hand sanitizer and helmet. If you’re sick, stay away! If you get sick, let us know. Sign up in advance. We are limited to how many can come with us.

Buffalo Pound Trails – May 4, 2020 Opening!!

Good evening, just wanted to advise you that with trails opening tomorrow, there are a couple of measures that we are putting in place to ensure that we are safe and practicing the safe distancing that we are required to, in light of the COVID-19 virus.  I am attaching a map of trails that will indicate direction of flow for the core mountain bike trails. In support of this you will be  noticing some new signage indicating direction of flow and other guidelines indicating how to behave on trails. I would also ask that everyone adhere to the directive of “no gathering of any kind”.  I trust that if we do our part and follow the directions given that we will get through this sooner than later. 

Any questions or comments are welcome to myself or to Vaughn. Trailforks will be updated soon to support these changes.  Please feel free to pass this information on to whomever might need or benefit from it.

Thank you for all your support by staying off of the trails while we worked this through.

Happy riding, be safe, and enjoy our trails. 

Dave Bjarnason

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Manager

COVID-19 Update: Saskatchewan Cycling Association

Update on Covid-19, May 1, 2020

As it currently stands, all Saskatchewan Cycling group sanctioned activities remain in a suspended state.  If your club is organizing individual rides these can have sanctioning.  Sask Cycling urges everyone to take precautions on these rides and stay safe!  Your health and well-being is important to us.

Last week, the Government of Saskatchewan detailed their plan to “Re-Open Saskatchewan” in a slow, cautious manner.  They detailed their 5 Phase Plan of how this will roll out.  Please see photo below detailing the Phases.

How will this affect Saskatchewan Events?

Re-opening Indoor and Outdoor Recreation is detailed in Phase 4 of this Plan.  What that means is that we will not be given the go-ahead to resume normal cycling activities until Phase 1 to 3 have been completed successfully.  Phase 5 will be when we will be allowed to pursue activities without any additional limits on sizes of events.  As soon as we are given the go ahead that it is safe to our members to resume group-based activities by the Sask Health Authorities and all Government agencies, we will let you all know immediately.  However, until then, we thank you for your cooperation and patience in the Provincial attempt to flatten the curve

Sask Parks Re-Opening Mountain Bike Trails?

We can confirm that previously closed Mountain Bike Trails will re-open in Phase 1. Whether it be on a trail or off, your Health and Safety and that of others in now YOUR responsibility. Please do your part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to ‘0’ transmissions by social distancing, following public health guidelines and restricting the size of group gatherings. Public Health updates and  further information can be found at:   

If you exhibit symptoms, PLEASE stay home.

· Social Distancing guidelines must be followed and groups larger than 10 people are not permitted;

· Respect trail closures and new rules;

· Taking a break or letting someone pass move at least 2 meters off the trail;

· When encountering another trail user everyone should yield and figure out what to do next;

· If the trailhead or parking lot is full, seek out lesser used trails;

· No events such as races, trail workdays, parties are allowed;

· Posting on Social Media should not include groups of people but reflect social distancing. Lead by setting an example;

· No ‘Post Ride’ group refreshments or BBQs. There will be time for that in the future;

· Always carry with you a “decon kit” that includes: mini hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, a Ziploc to carry dirty items.

Sask Parks will be designating trails as one-way trails and will be closing some narrow up-and-back trails.  Make sure to follow the new appropriate signage. 

How will this affect National Events?

Cycling Canada recently announced that the 2020 Canadian Road Championships, which were scheduled to take place in Quebec from June 26 to 29 and July 2 to July 5, is postponed.  Last week, the International Cycling Union (UCI) announced that the new dates for nations to organize Elite Road Championships are August 22-23, and Cycling Canada has been working with the organizers, the Quebec Cycling Federation and health authorities to determine whether these dates are feasible. As per the Canadian Masters Road Championships, discussions between Cycling Canada and the Appalachian Classic organizing committee are ongoing and a specific announcement will be made in the coming days regarding the status of this event moving forward.

They also announced that the Canadian XCO Mountain Bike Championships has been postponed until further notice.  More information regarding anticipated rescheduling of this event will be made public as it becomes available, in line with public health recommendations. For an up-to-date list of Cycling Canada cancelled or postponed events on the national calendar, please consult the event list on the Cycling Canada website.

TNR 2020-11

Tuesday Night Ride

March 17, 2020

Saskatchewan Cycling Association has suspended ALL sanctioned activities, including club activities.

This means that participants in Tuesday Night Ride do not have organizer or athlete insurance.

If you are planning on going for a bike ride:

Complete an ABC-Quick Check of your bicycle.

Take something to drink.

Wear a helmet.

Saskatchewan Cycling Association – COVID-19 UPDATE

Over the past few weeks, we have seen our entire nation and the entire world react and address the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On behalf of Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) and our Board of Directors, we would like to advise the membership that effective immediately we are suspending all Saskatchewan Cycling Association sanctioned activities, which includes all club activities, until May 1, 2020. As part of cancelling the sanctioned club activities means any clubs choosing to organize an activity outside of this sanction will not have organizer or athlete insurance for their events. This decision was not made lightly; however, the health and safety of everyone involved in our sport is paramount in our decision-making process.

At this point our 2020 Sask Cup race season will not be impacted, but race organizers for May events should hold off opening registration until mid-April as there is potential that May races will be postponed should the current public health situation continue. Going forward we will be continuously monitoring the public health information and will be providing updates.

After consultation with Cycling Canada, SCA will officially be suspending all activity in the areas of athlete, coach, and commissaire development programs.  We will continue to evaluate how this situation progresses and how future programs may be affected given the world’s landscape today and make adjustments where possible. This includes potential for online training.

The health and safety of everyone involved in our sport was paramount in our decision-making process we appreciate your patience as we work through this unique situation.

Thank you,

Sarah Honeysett                                                                           
Executive Director     

Rob Walcer

TNR 2020-10

Tuesday Night Ride

March 10, 2020

6:15 pm Start Time

Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

Another week of pavement and puddles. Come out and get some mileage.

About 90 minutes on the pathways and quiet residential streets of Moose Jaw.

Sunset is 6:59pm and twilight ends at 7:32pm

Lights are necessary to see where you are going on the ride home.

Complete an ABC-Quick Check of your bicycle.

Bring something to drink.

Wear a helmet.

See you at DQ,


TNR 2020-9

Tuesday Night Ride

March 3, 2020

6:15 pm Start Time

Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

For a LIMITED TIME, TNR will feature PUDDLES!!!!!

Come out and get some while they last.

Expect a 90 minute ride on pavement, any old bicycle in working condition will do.

Sunset is 6:48pm and twilight ends at 7:20pm

Lights “to see where you are going” are recommended for the last quarter of the ride.

Complete an ABC-Quick Check of your bicycle.

Bring something to drink.

Wear a helmet.

See you at DQ,


TNR 2020-8

Tuesday Night Ride

February 25, 2020

6:15 pm Start Time

Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

Come out and witness the light at the end of the tunnel we call Winter.

90 minutes of riding on the frozen grounds of Moose Jaw.

Sunset is 6:36pm and twilight ends at 7:09pm

Lights are necessary to see where you are going on the last half of the ride.

Complete an ABC-Quick Check of your bicycle.

Bring something to drink.

Wear a helmet.

See you at DQ,