Buffalo Pound Trails

Buffalo Pound

2018 IMBA Canada Trail Care Weekend

On August 11 & 12, 2018, the IMBA trail crew will be facilitating a Sustainable Trail workshop and completing a trail project at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. The event is co-hosted by the Moose Jaw Pavers and Saskatchewan Parks who have a long relationship of cooperatively working on the non-motorized multi-use trails within Buffalo Pound. The trail network is a popular destination for mountain biking, hiking and trail running. Numerous events are held each year on the trails and many drop in for some camping and biking on their travels.

This workshop is a great chance to learn about sustainable trail construction and apply it on a trail project on one of the existing trails. The workshop will begin at 8am on Saturday August 11 and on Sunday we will complete the finishing touches on the project then set out on a group ride to enjoy the trails and have the first ride on the new trail.

Free group camping near the trailhead will be available for participants on August 10 and 11. You can register for the weekend by emailing the Moose Jaw Pavers (rob.walcer@sasktel.net) or completing the IMBA Trail Care signup.

Buffalo Pound

Here is an updated and detailed PDF map of the Buffalo Pound trails near Moose Jaw, Sk. Feel free to download and enjoy!  Maps are also available at the entrance to the park.
Buffalo Pound MTB Trail (PDF file)

Trail Conditions

Trailforks – Trail Condition Link

Trail Videos



4 thoughts on “Buffalo Pound Trails

  1. love twister
    -Paver (Nicholas Brassard)

  2. Been riding the trails 2-3 times a week as we are camping in MapleVale for the summer. Conditions improving since the rain in June. Trail Heaven is still boggy, muddy and wet in upper 1/3. Weeping Fee and Rutledge good – bridges well done. Creek bed drying up and stream decreasing. Beaver trail is quite thick with tall grass but dry. Boat launch trail is good. So nice to have these trails in Saskatchewan.

  3. A friend and I tryed to ride barrels trail this morning and we found our selfs at the top of the hill where the start of upside down trail. Not down the lake road like the online map shows.
    We wanted to know if we missed something? A turn or an un-noticed un-cut trail?
    We love your trails and pain to join next season to further help the Pavers grow.
    Thank you for your time.

  4. Tyler, Barrels can be accessed a little further up the road on the left. This will take you down the valley. It can also be accessed from the bottom of the hill near the road into the lower chalet. There is a sign marking the trail on the northside. Fun trail regardless of where you start!

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