Club Rides – week of May 9th

The following are the rides for this week:

MTB Trail Ride – Wednesday, May 11th – meet at the 7th Avenue Bridge and be ready to ride at 615pm. This will be a 60-90 minute ride through Wakamow Valley. Most of the trails are dry enough to be ridden without leaving ruts so expect to ride the singletrack and have fun on the trails. Any mountain bike is the most suitable bike for this ride. Bring water and wear a helmet. See you there!

Thursday Night Road Ride – meet at the Safeway patio and be ready to ride at 615pm as the ride will be leaving then. Expect a 60-minute ride that will be no-drop. The route will be determined based on the wind direction. Any road bike will be suitable. A taillight and flashing headlight are recommended as they increase visibility during the ride. There are some great options available in local bike shops.

Sunday Morning Road Ride – meet at the Safeway patio and be ready to ride at 930am. The ride will be about 90 minutes long and may break into a couple groups based on pace. The route will be based on the weather conditions.

UPDATES: There is some unstable weather in the forecast which may affect the rides. The updates on rides will be posted to the Whatsapp chat and to the club Facebook group.

What to bring to a club ride?

  • 2022 Moose Jaw Pavers Cycling Club membership along with a 2022 SCA membership (available here)
  • Helmet – mandatory to be worn during all club rides. Not only is this an insurance requirement it is just smart.
  • Water and snack – bring enough water for the ride and whatever snack you may enjoy.
  • Positive attitude – remember to have fun, riding bikes is great fun and wonderful exercise.

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