Buffalo Pound PP Trail Maintenance

Today the Moose Jaw Pavers started the trail maintenance to support the Parks ongoing work. Thanks to Tim, Ray Dave and Rob for coming out and getting a jump on the needed trimming. Club volunteers were able to trim the following:

  • Twister (upper and lower sections)
  • Junkyard
  • 1/4 Mile
  • Pick-up Sticks
  • Thank you Nature
  • Rutledge (upper and lower sections)
  • Weeping Fee
  • Noser (to the turn off to Roots)

Some areas the grass was getting pretty tall and some of it may be on the trails for a couple days until it dries and blows off but with +32°C today it was drying pretty quickly!

More is maintenance is planned for Wednesday and will update the list. If you are interested in helping out please reach out to us via email (moosejawpaversatgmaildotcom).

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