Upcoming Rides

Thanks to everyone who has come out to the rides so far this season. The strong turnout is awesome. We are excited to announce that due to member interest, we will be having our first Buffalo Pound club ride of the season this Sunday and encourage riders of all levels to come on out! We will meet at 9:30am. Details are in the Events section of the Cycle Club app.

The Cycle Club app has been working well for organizing the rides and getting the information to our members. Please remember to signup for rides you intend on attending, and complete your health check using the app a minimum 1 hour before the ride. One other handy feature of the app is the ability to “subscribe” to notifications linked to events. This function is accessed for each event using the “bell” icon.

Please continue to respect the Saskatchewan Health advisements on all things biking, like remembering to social distance (3m when riding) and outdoor group limits (as of posting, 10 athletes maximum). Also, as the weather warms, don’t forget to keep hydrated, and as always, wear your helmet!

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