Whats New!

While things may have been quiet on here over the Winter, we have been busy.  Since the AGM a Club Constitution has been developed to support the Bylaws that were approved.  These are HERE.  Going forward the Club Board will be comprised of an Executive Board and coordinators.  The constitution provides the operational framework.  The Board members are posted HERE.

As we look forward to activities for 2021, there are unknowns, but we are planning to hold the club activities that we can within the framework of the SCA Return to Play, along with the Provinces public health restrictions.  Hopefully, there is some clarity on the situation soon and we can post a tentative plan for 2021 by mid March.

Registration is now open for the year (LINK) and membership will be required to participate in all club activities.  Membership is important for the club.  Memberships help assist us with obtaining grants for expenses related to trail maintenance.  Membership also provides you with insurance for club activities. This year we are offering an option for members to extend their coverage for training outside the club sanctioned activities.  The extended coverage cost is $20.00 for the year and can be purchased during registration.

See you on the road or trails!