Buffalo Pound Trails – May 4, 2020 Opening!!

Good evening, just wanted to advise you that with trails opening tomorrow, there are a couple of measures that we are putting in place to ensure that we are safe and practicing the safe distancing that we are required to, in light of the COVID-19 virus.  I am attaching a map of trails that will indicate direction of flow for the core mountain bike trails. In support of this you will be  noticing some new signage indicating direction of flow and other guidelines indicating how to behave on trails. I would also ask that everyone adhere to the directive of “no gathering of any kind”.  I trust that if we do our part and follow the directions given that we will get through this sooner than later. 

Any questions or comments are welcome to myself or to Vaughn. Trailforks will be updated soon to support these changes.  Please feel free to pass this information on to whomever might need or benefit from it.

Thank you for all your support by staying off of the trails while we worked this through.

Happy riding, be safe, and enjoy our trails. 

Dave Bjarnason

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Manager

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