Winter Trail Use – Buffalo Pound PP

Exciting news on winter trail use at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. This winter they will be maintaining a network of trails for winter use (fatbiking, snowshoeing, xc sking etc). To ensure the trails are maintained, a trails maintenance specialist will be spending 2 days per week grooming a network of trails. As well the roads and parking areas will be maintained so there will be access. Three loops will be maintained consisting of:

  1. Trailhead area – Beaver Loop (west side) to Hawks Hill to Roots climb to Beaver Loop (east side).
  2. Nicole Flats Loop – parking available near the bison paddock. This is a fun loop to the homestead and then around the Nicole Marsh.
  3. Elmview and Maverick trail – Maverick trail is a new trail along the road that connect Maple Vale and Elmview. This loop will also go through the Shady Lane seasonal area which features some fantastic scenery.

One thought on “Winter Trail Use – Buffalo Pound PP

  1. LOVE the Elmview /Maverick trail, used it tons this past summer! Of course the Nicole flat is a favourite!

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