2019 Buffalo Pounder

WOW another successful Buffalo Pounder is finished for another year. While the unsettled weather was taming the dust that we have become accustomed to riding, the trail conditions today were excellent. Thanks to all the club volunteers along with Parks staff for the trail maintenance before the race. Thanks Tim, Ray, Pierre, Matt and Vaughn (Parks)! Thank you DAne @ Western Cycle for supplying the great prizes for after the race!

Turnout for the race was great. Thank you everyone for coming out to play bikes on the wonderful trails in Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. As a club we get to enjoy these trails on a regular basis and it is great when everyone comes out to the race and enjoys these trails. Just remember this year none of the climbs were to the top of the valley. Thanks to Jocelyn for taking the great photos of today activities.

The kid race was alot of fun! Thanks to the club coaches and parents there are lots of kids who love riding trails. Below are the results from the kid race.

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