TNR 2019-14

Tuesday Night Ride

April 2, 2019

6:15 pm Start Time

Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

Spring in Saskatchewan is a period of transition. We get days that feel like summer, days that feel like winter, and everything in between.

TNR is 90 minutes, so you need to dress for that time period only. Check the weather before the ride and dress accordingly.

In order to have sustainable trails that can be ridden most of the year, we need to be cautious in the Spring.

It is easy to ride trails too early and leave a deep track that remains until late summer.

TNR will let the trails dry-up and harden before being ridden.

Tonight’s ride will be similar to the last few weeks:

Quiet residential streets that receive only local traffic.

Paved trails and some fast-drying gravel trails.

Valley trails will be scouted to observe conditions.

Tonight’s ride should be considered to be "easy", any bike with a selection of gearing will work.

"Easy" also means that this is the ride to introduce someone to riding in Moose Jaw, bring a friend.

It is also a great ride to build-up strength, stamina, and stability for when we hit the trails.

Come out now, so you can perform better later.

Do an ABC-Quick check of your bike.

Wear a helmet.

Bring something to drink.

Sunset is at 7:35pm

Civil Twilight ends at 8:09pm

See you at DQ,


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