Want to improve your mountain bike skills, practicing what you want when you want, and get personalized coaching tips from a true legend of the sport?

As part of the 2019 club membership, Ryan Leech Connection (RLC) is offering Moose Jaw Paver (MJP) members 15% off monthly and annual memberships. Plus for every 5 MJP members that signup, RLC will donate $125 back to MJP each year. This is a great fundraising opportunity for our club while also improving our skills!

Ryan Leech Connection (RLC) is an online mountain bike skills coaching membership program for ADULTS, offering step-by-step video tutorials for loads of different skills and includes personalized coach & community support.  

RLC offers in-depth, set-by-step MTB skills courses with high-quality video tutorials covering:

  • Cornering
  • Wheelies
  • Bunnyhops
  • Manuals
  • Jumping
  • Baseline balance
  • Tight switchbacks
  • Mental fitness and more

Check out the course details at The exclusive discount code will be emailed to members directly.

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