Buffalo Pounder Wrap-up

A big thank-you to everyone for making the 2018 edition of the Buffalo Pounder such a great success. An event like this doesn’t happen without great volunteer support. Thank-you Ray, Pierre, Joss and Jada for helping with marshaling and course clean-up. Thank-you Matt for helping mark the course Saturday.

That was a challenging course this year, thank-you to all the athletes for participating and racing the course. Everyone should be proud of their accomplishment. It was awesome that there were so many spectators cheering and enjoying the race.

We added the kid race this year and thank-you to the parents who brought out their young riders to enjoy some of the flowy trails. It was fun watching the excitement on their faces during staging and the enormous smiles as they approached the finish line was fantastic. Thank-you to Squirrelly’s mini-golf and SaskWater for the prizes.

A big shout out to Western Cycle for the continued support of the race and providing so many great prizes for everyone! As well as thank-you Joss for all the chips at sign-on.

See everyone at the 2019 Buffalo Pounder!


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