TNR 2017-47

Tuesday Night Ride

November 21, 2017

6:15 pm Start Time

Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

Tonight will be a test of your winter preparedness. Temperature will be cold, wind chill will be colder.

Dress your lower body for the temperature, your legs are always moving on a bicycle.

I wear liner shorts with a chamois, long underwear, and winter cycling pants.

Dress your upper body for the wind-chill temperature. Keep your core warm.

I wear a winter base layer, a warm mid-layer, and a winter cycling jacket.

Keep your hands and feet warm.

I wear liner gloves and snowmobile mitts on my hands.

I wear liner socks, winter socks, and winter boots on my feet.

Cover exposed skin.

I wear a base-layer balaclava, a face mask, ear warmers, and a helmet.

The ride is 60-90 minutes around Moose Jaw on alleyways, pathways, and the odd trail.

We are never more than 10 minutes from DQ and never leave the city limits.

See you at DQ (if you are adequately prepared!)


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