TNR 2017-45

Tuesday Night Ride
November 7, 2017
6:15 pm Start Time
Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

In past years we have been able to preview the winter edition of TNR before the snow arrives.
Not This Year!
TNR Winter Edition is here now!
60-90 minutes of fun in the snow, the ride circumnavigates the city on laneways and pathways that are easily accessible and can be navigated by the majority of bicycles.
Staying within the city limits, the ride is never more than 10-15 minutes from DQ, so if you get cold, you can abandon and make it home before your extremities fall off. How not to get cold you ask? Layers, layers, layers.

For example, my wardrobe this evening will consist of the following:
Base Layer: Head, hands, feet, upper body, and lower body are covered in a skin-tight layer that provides warmth and moisture-wicking properties.
Mid-Layer: Upper body has a warm covering, usually something with Merino wool in it. Heavy socks protect the feet.
Top-Layer: Wind-blocking is the key here, Jacket, Pants, Gloves, Boots, Face Covering during wind-chill conditions.

When looking for clothing, seek out words like "Nordic", "Winter", "Cold", "Extreme", and "Made in Canada". Your local bike shop is a great resource for clothing that works for a prairie winter. Also, Mark’s (anything with T-MAX in the title) and Peavy Mart (high-mobility) have base and mid layers for working outside.

If you are making a Christmas wish list, ask Santa for a new cycling jacket. I am a big fan of jackets from Louis Garneau. I can wear them from +15 to -43 (so far) by varying the layers that go under it. Don’t cheap out, a good jacket will last for years.

Want more tips? Come out for a ride.

Wear a helmet.
Bring something to drink.
Do an ABC-Quick check of your bike.

See you at DQ,

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