TNR 2017-37

Tuesday Night Ride
September 12, 2017
6:15 pm Start Time
Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

Come on out and see the colors of fall, shades of green, red, orange, and yellow.
90 minute ride on the trails of the Moose Jaw river valley.

Sunset is at 7:21, civil twilight ends at 7:54. Lights "to see with" are highly recommended.
I buy inexpensive flashlights and bicycle mounts online, there are many choices.
The brighter the light, the closer you can get to daylight speed.

Try looking for lights with a CREE T6 bulb, approximately 900 lumens using an 18650 rechargeable battery.
Some lights will come with an adapter so you can use 3 AAA batteries instead if you like.
You can get a flashlight, bike mount, a couple batteries and a charger for less than $25 CDN, shipping included.
I have had good luck with TMART.COM, although shipping from Hong Kong is anywhere from 4-6 weeks to up to 6 months.

Ideally, you want a light on your head "to see with", and a headlight and taillight on your bicycle "to be seen".
I have a few extra lights "to see with" that I can share for tonight’s ride, let me know if you are interested and I will bring them to DQ.

Wear a helmet.
Bring something to drink.
Complete an ABC-Quick Check of your bike.

See you at DQ,

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