TNR 2016-20

Tuesday Night Ride
November 22, 2016
6:15 pm Start Time
Leaving from DQ on Caribou St W between 4th and 5th Avenue.

60-90 minute ride on the trails of the Moose Jaw river valley.

Dress your lower body for the air temperature and your upper body for the wind chill temperature.
Wear warm gloves (or mitts) and warm socks, they will be the first things to get cold.

DO NOT decide on what to wear based upon standing around outside, you will most likely overdress and be too hot.
I have created a guideline for myself based on 5 degree increments (+5 to 0, 0 to -5, -5 to -10, etc.). Typically I add a layer as temperature decreases, or swap out to thicker layers.

Today, I expect to wear cycling tights (Sugoi sub-zero), Merino wool socks (Sugoi), thin base-layer shirt (Nike), warm wool mid-layer (North Face), and a cycling jacket (Louis Garneau).
I will wear "lobster" gloves (Sugoi) a neck warmer (Sugoi) and behind-the-head ear muffs (Mark’s). I will not be too cold or too hot.

Note, I bought ALL of the above locally, at Boh’s Cycle and Mark’s.

Its going to be dark, you will need lights.
Bring something to drink.
Wear a helmet.

See you on the trails,

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