2016 AGM

Looks like we are going to have absolutely fantastic weather today.  Hope everyone is able to gets a ride in.
I just wanted to remind everyone that the AGM is next Thursday (Nov 17, 2016) at pm.  It is at the Silo in the Heritage Inn.  The agenda was emailed.  If there is something you want to discuss that is not on the agenda bring it up at the meeting.  Not to scare people from coming to the meeting but there is some vacancies on the club executive the need to be filled.  The treasurer position is vacant as Darren is not wanting to continue on in this position.  This position takes about 1-2 hours a month and is very important for the club.  So please give this some thought leading up to the meeting.  There is also some opportunity to help the club in other roles that do not require much of a time commitment that will be discussed at the meeting. 2016 Tour de Moose Jaw completion badges will be handed out at the AGM.  If you are planning on attending please let me know so that I can ensure enough tables are set up.
See you Thursday.

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