Wow, what a day !  The Moose Jaw Pavers are so grateful for everyone who came out and enjoyed the 2016 Buffalo Pounder.  This event is only possible because of the support we have received from the volunteers, race organizers and local business supporters.

Big congratulations to Rob Walcer as the race organizer and Matt Froehlich for recruiting the awesome trail maintenance crews.  Riders from Moose Jaw, Regina and Saskatoon put in some extra hours prepping the course.

We also need to thank the businesses who contributed to the outstanding atmosphere.  Western Cycle and Trek Bicycles provided wicked prizes and gave us some bikes to try-out before and after the race.  Our photographer Colby Katzberg captured the memories that will last a lifetime.  The ATTIC Spin Studio kept us going with their relentless cheering and humour. Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar treated us like rockstars and served the best meal that any athlete could ever wish for.  Lastly, we must acknowledge the Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Staff because they put in many hard hours to ensure we have a place to gather and share our love of biking.

If you enjoyed the race, please spread the word.  This year we had 90 races and we want over 100 in 2017.

2016 Provincial Thankyou

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