2016 Le Tour de Moose Jaw

We are very excited about this years Le Tour de Moose Jaw.  We have revamped the whole idea and hope you will take a close look at the changes as we think you will want to participate once you see the fabulous jersey and how we have simplified the tour stages.

  1. An actual jersey that you purchase and wear while you do tour rides rather than waiting until you are finished.   If you purchase a Tour jersey, completing the tour will earn you a $20 refund (paid at the AGM) from the club and a “2016” patch to sew onto your jersey. 
  1. THE JERSEY.  We are very pleased with the jersey designed and produced for us by Jackroo.  When you order you can not only choose men’s or women’s but you can choose STANDARD or RELAXED FIT
  2. REVAMPED STAGES AND RULES  Each stage has two options, a longer one and a shorter one. You will not have to ride to Drinkwater, Buffalo Pound or the top of the 363 hill in order to complete the tour but those options are there for those who want to choose them.  You start and finish each stage ride from anywhere, within the city limits, that you choose and your exit and re-entrance routes are your choice.  **NOTE  If you are doing more than one stage you should return to your starting point in the city after the first stage then continue on to do the second stage. 
  3. A chart for ride completion has been set up and it is the responsibility of each participant to update the chart.  The chart is located at Ride Tracker (Google Doc)
  4. A small, jersey pocket size booklet, listing the 21 stages is being produced.  This will make it easy to keep track of your Tour. 
  5. Even though the Weather is great don’t start doing stages until May 1 and you must have all stages completed by the fall Paver AGM.


  1. Proceed to the Tour du Moose Jaw store at http://shop.jakroo.ca/Tour-de-Moose-Jaw-CA.
  2. Follow the instructions on that site to place your order. 
  3. You must have your order placed by April 8, 2016, and your jersey will be here by May 1, 2016. 
  4. There will likely be an opportunity to order jerseys after April 8, 2016, but they will be at a slightly higher price.


Note for Jakroo (jersey manufacturer)


  1. For our jerseys, we recommend selecting your Size based best on height, as well as consideration of Fit Style for body width and riding preference.

RELAXED: a popular fit style for riders who prefer a looser fitting garment, or for those who have larger torsos or chests.
STANDARD: this fit style is designed for an American athletic build.