2016 Buffalo Pound Enduro

10:30am – Role Call
11:00am – Ride
1:30pm – Lunch and Prizes
– participants that wish to be timed on the downhill segments MUST have a smartphone with the Strava app installed. Strava will serve as the only timing method for this event. Link for this below:
– all participants REQUIRE a Saskatchewan Cycling Association AND Moose Jaw Pavers membership for insurance purposes. Consider this your entry fee. Role call will be taken, and only CONFIRMED members of both the SCA and the Moose Jaw Pavers will be allowed to partake in the event.
– participants who are already SCA members are still required to purchase a Moose Jaw Pavers memebership. The event will qualify as a group ride, and be insured, as long as all participants are members of the same club. I had a little trouble when I tried to do this online, so don’t hesitate to call CCN’s help line if you run into issues, as they are very helpful. Link for this below:
Help line: 1.866.534.2453
– participants MUST register no later than 9pm on Wednesday September 28th !
– there will be a pre-ride meeting to discuss course marking, etiquette, and routing. The timed segments are already created in the Strava app and can be pre-ridden anytime before the group ride. 6 different stages are labelled “BP Enduro DH Stage _”. The course is designed with no intersections, so the chance of collision is near zero. Full face helmets are not required, but are recommended. DH segments will be labelled and marked “DO NOT ENTER 10:30am – 1:30pm”.
– the course will be marked using survey paint and tape where needed. Riders will have 3 hrs to complete the course and are encouraged to participate in groups to keep things fun and social. Approximate start and finish lines for DH segments will be marked. Riders may carry speed into the start line if they wish………as there will be no course marshals around to spank you !
– a post ride BBQ and social will be held immediately after all participants have checked back in and submitted their course times.
– please take the time to email your RSVP to moosejawpavers@gmail.com no later than Wednesday September 28th so we can nail down food requirements and total expected participants.
– lastly, this is a fun, social event. Feel free to post any questions, suggestions. See you on the trails !

2016 Enduro