TNR 2015-6

THURSDAY February 5, 2015
Starting from DQ on Caribou St between 4th & 5th Avenue NW
6:15 start

Our recent “mini-Spring” dried up the streets but left the alleys a treacherous frozen mess.
During last weeks ride, I had 4 occasions where the glare ice spun me around 180 degrees.
On three of those occasions, I had to put a foot down, but did not fall down. The fourth time I stayed on the pedals and stayed upright.
There were several other times where I momentarily lost traction and had my “heart jump in my throat”.
Once again, I am impressed with how well studded tires work.

This week, snow has returned, yay!
The alleys are now a well-packed smooth riding surface.
Today is the ride you have been waiting for!

FYI: There have been no other riders that have joined me to date in 2015, I miss you guys!

Sunset is 6:02
Civil Twilight ends at 6:37
Nautical Twilight ends at 7:16

See you on the trails,

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