TNR 2014-47

THURSDAY November 27, 2014
Starting from DQ on Caribou St between 4th & 5th Avenue NW
6:15 start

Welcome to winter! The most exciting time of the year to ride a bicycle.
Surface conditions change daily and if you don’t dress properly you might lose a finger or toe!

Dress your upper body in 3 layers with the wind-chill temperature in mind.
Dress your lower body in 2-3 layers depending on how fast you want to go, faster=more heat generated, less clothing required.
Cover all exposed skin.

The winter route is mostly flat, and away from traffic, ANYBODY can do it.

Lights are a necessity.

Put some air in your tires and bring something to drink.

Sunset is 5:04
Civil Twilight ends at 5:42
Nautical Twilight ends at 6:23

See you on the trails,

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