Vuelta Update

Our cycling season is slowly drawing to a close, evening rides are finished as it is getting too dark, use lots of lights if you are riding at night!

6 riders have finished the 2014 Vuelta…5 still have lots of time to finish the 23 rides, remember you can complete 10 rides to finish the mini Vuelta and get the jersey!

We have samples at Red Goat Training Center from Small to XL. They fit a bit on the small side so check them out before placing your order. They go as large as 2XL so you will have to guess the larger sizes. There is a book in the bag to write your size down or just send me an email.

If you are a solo rider don’t worry about the ‘group rides’ you may finish them by yourself or give someone a call to go with you!

the Individual Time Trial is not marked, ride to the Boharm turn off; turn around heading East. reset your odometer ride as fast as you can for 6 km and relax! record your time for your personal reference.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.57.43 AM

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