TNR 2014-31

Tuesday August 5, 2014
Starting from DQ on Caribou St between 4th & 5th Avenue NW
6:15 start

It’s August, so its time for you to put your order in for studded winter bike tires.
No joke, manufacturers produce limited runs and its sometimes difficult to find winter tires in the winter.
Two types to choose from: Steel and Tungsten. If you behave yourself and ride only on snow, steel will last a couple seasons, tungsten three times as long.
Number of studs is also a consideration, more aggressive riding can be achieved with more studs.
Winter riding in Moose Jaw is awesome, prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

The 2014 TNR route will be followed this evening.

Put some air in your tires and bring something to drink.

Sunset is 8:39
Civil Twilight ends at 9:17
Nautical Twilight ends at 10:07

See you on the trails,

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