2014 Membership

I just received the first instalment of membership dues from SCA.  Only 23 names on the list and 6 of them are people who were not members in the past.

To sign up go to:   http://www.saskcycling.ca/membership.html

Please remember:

You must be a member to take part in any Paver programs, including the weekly rides. SCA only includes memberships purchased before June 1st in calculating our M.A.P. GRANT.

Some of the Paver Projects planned for 2014

Spring Classic Road Race
Weekly road and mountain bike rides
Kids Learn2 Mountain Bike
Kids Learn2 Race
Buffalo Pound Trail maintenance
Century Ride
Vuelta D’Moose Jaw
Fall Club Road Trip
Support and involvement in the new Mountain Bike Skills Park
Involvement in the Clara Hughes Ride (June)
New rider information sessions

Jim Large
Moose Jaw Pavers Road & Mountain Bike Club

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