Moose Jaw Skills Park – Update

To whet your appetite

2013 Moose Jaw Bike Park final_topo1


A – Start Hill – The start hill will essentially be a mound of dirt that will be 12-15ft high. It will be designed to allow riders to gain speed and momentum to carry them over the progressive jump sections. The start hill will also include technical features called “drop-offs”. Drop-offs are essentially ladder style planks that allow riders to ride off and land on a lower elevation in on the slope of the hill. The will be of varying heights and difficulty and will allow riders to learn and perfect the skill of riding off of elevated obstacles.

B – Skills Area – The skills area will consist of low level obstacles designed to help the rider develop slow speed riding skills. These features will include ladder bridges and “skinnies” designed to be ridden at a slow speed. The surfaces in this area will vary in height and width and are designed to give riders a platform to develop their balance and coordination. Although these obstacles are ridden at a slow speed, they are some of the most fun and challenging features of the park!

C & D – Pump Tracks – Pump tracks consist of rolling areas connected with berm corners laid out in a track. The purpose of a pump track is to teach riders to develop the “rhythm” necessary to successfully ride trails as they “pump” their bikes over the rolling sections. As well, the berm corners help riders to learn to carry speed while cornering. Pump tracks are incredibly fun and also very good exercise, as the goal is to be able to maintain speed using your bike handling skills without relying on your pedals. The park will feature a both a beginner and an advanced pump track.

E & F – Progressive Jumps – The progressive jump sections could be considered the heart of the skills park! The progressive jumps obviously introduce the skills of jumping a bike. What makes this design special is that our park will feature jump sections that progress in height from beginner to advanced, allowing riders to perfect their skills on smaller jump lines before testing themselves on bigger jumps. All of the jumps (with the exception of the BMX line) will be built as “table-tops”. This means that the between the face and landing of each jump there will be a flat section. This allows riders to learn the speed and rhythm necessary to successfully clear the jumps. The BMX section will be reserved for riders who have perfected their skills and are able to clear double jumps (essentially two separate piles of dirt for a takeoff and a landing). Jumping is extremely fun and exciting and our park will allow our riders to develop the skills necessary to learn to jump safely!

G – Wall Ride – This is a fun and unique feature that allows riders to ride up onto a nearly vertical wood feature as part of a corner. Riders use their momentum to hold their bikes against the “wall” while cornering. As with other features in the park, riders can learn the skills at a lower height before pushing their skills to ride higher on the wall.

H – North Shore Balance Trail – This section is designed as a trail that incorporates all of the skills learned in the skills area. It will feature low level skinny features that will vary in height and width and will allow riders to string together a series of skill testing obstacles as they make their way to the bottom.

I – Cross Country Trail – This section is designed to appeal to kids or adults alike who are simply  looking for an easy pedal. With no major obstacles or jumps incorporated, it will still give the rider the chance to practice cornering while weaving through the trees. This section is intended to be easy going and fun, reminding us that biking is simply about having fun outside!

J – Flow Trail – This trail section will incorporate the skills learned on the pump track and the progressive jump sections. This trail will wind down through the park and will feature table top jumps and berm corners allowing the rider to learn and perfect jump skills, cornering skills and riding rhythm. It will be a great way to test riders of all skill levels and give our riders a taste of “the perfect trail”!

K – Perimeter Trail – Designed for those who just want to get out and ride without obstacles, the perimeter trail will not feature obstacle and will function like a “walking track” for bicyclers. Parents who would like to watch their children while getting exercise can simply ride or walk the track around the park. Riders looking to warm up or cool down can also utilize this feature.