Moose Jaw Skills Park

The soon to be built, spring of 2014, bike skills park will be “the Disney Land of bike parks” according to one of the organizing committee.

Designed by the world’s foremost professional bike park designer, Jay Hoots.  Jay is an expert in the field and a true legend of mountain biking. He also has experience with designing over 50 bike skills parks.

Moose Jaw Bike Park

The park will include 2 pump tracks, a skills section, jumps, berms, trails, west coast style section and more. One of the parks biggest pluses is the fact that in every section there will be progressions in terms of difficulty. Everyone from a four year old on a run bike to a pro rider will be able to find lots of challenging, fun and entertaining components.2013 Moose Jaw Bike Park final_topo2

Cudos to the Moose Jaw City Police Association, it’s members and especially the Bike Park Committee for their hard work and vision in bringing this great facility to our city.

It will be very important for the cycling community, and anyone else who wants to see our youth active, to get behind this park and support it in any way they can.

Ways to show your support:

Volunteer to help
Make a donation (financial, labor, equipment, materials)
Speak positively about the park
Attend the public openhouse (Date to be confirmed)