2013 Pavers AGM

This years AGM was held at the POTC room 44


Pres: Jim Large
Tres: David Scuka
Sec: Terry Martyniuk
Mountain Bike: Tim Wicks
Youth Development: Rob Walcer
Social Media: Cal Martens
Group Ride coordinators: Reg Lavictoire & Gerry Mitchell

Members: Ev Falk, Michelle Julian, Linda Bartholme,Frank Monpetite, Tim Wicks, Rob Walcer, Reg Lavictorie, Larry Graham, Steve McCann, Christine Boys.

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM


Treasures Report

Overall the club lost $37.52 this year.  We still have a very healthy balance of $5400.00

Election of Officers

There were no resignations and no nominations for executive positions.

Cal Martens will be stepping down from his Social Media role.

Questions of 2013 season

Celebrate cycling was very disappointing, even with lots of advertising and planning attendance was very poor.  Those who showed up had a great day.  Thanks to Big Sky and Western Cycling for sending demo bikes and mechanics to the event. The profits of this event were given to Wakamow to maintain and develop the trail system there.

Program reports

See web site for all program head reports.

Here are a few highlights.

Hosted the Spring Classic Road Race, well attended with a downtown crit.

Ryan Leach bike clinic, well attended.

Winter spin classes will be held at Red Goat Fitness Center this year on the compu trainers.  If you have not tried this format contact Jim Large for a demo ride, very realistic riding!

Bob Myrchak again was leading his Tuesday night rides through and around Wakamow, his rides go year round.

Ev’s Easy Rides were held Thursday evenings in the Sunningdale area.

The 2013 Giro had 30 people register this year, ( 22 last year ), but there were only 16 who completed the ride, (16 last year). Next year we will call our tour the Vuelta of Moose Jaw.  We have decided to keep this years logo as our standard logo but will follow the names of the 3 grand European tours.  In order to add more variety to the rides we will increase the number of rides from 21 to 25 and try to increase the mileage to 1000km.

Provincial Park.  See Tim’s report, countless hours were spent by Tim and other volunteers to bring the trails up to where they could be ridden all year long. (this is no small accomplishment) the Prov Park has noticed and the number of riders is up.  Looking forward to continued growth at the park.

Clara Hughes Day, Clara Hughes will be coming to Moose Jaw in June of 2014 as part of her cross Canada ride to create awareness of Mental illness. Look forward to riding with Clara!

Bike Skills Park:. MJ Police Assoc has got some funding and permission to develop a Mtn Bike Skill Park near the fieldhouse.  The pavers will consider a donation to this park to promote cycling.

A 2014 Road Trip will be planned for next year in the Cypress Hills Park area, this is for Road and Mtn Bike riders.

Better Together Food Drive will be held Oct 31, Ev Falk is getting a team from the Pavers together to help collect food for the food bank.


2013 was overall a good year for the club, participation was up in some areas and stayed the same in others. We will continue to work with the same programs for 2014.  As always with any non-profit organization volunteers are critical, thank you to all who have contributed time and energy to keep the club going in a very positive way.  We are always looking for interested individuals who would like to step into the executive, please talk to any of us if you would like a position. Most of the executive have been there since the club became active again a few years ago and would be more than willing to step aside for a while!

Meeting adjourned

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