TNR 2013-44

Tuesday October 29, 2013
Starting from DQ on Caribou St between 4th & 5th Avenue NW
6:15 start
Yet another beautiful day for a bike ride!
We will ride a selection of trails across the Moose Jaw River valley.

When preparing for the ride, dress for riding, not for standing around. You may feel cold when getting your stuff ready, but will quickly warm up once the ride begins.
Temperature at 6:15 will probably be around 0-3 degrees Celsius and will quickly drop after sunset.
Dress your upper body a little warmer than your legs, protect the extremities (hands & feet).

My recommendation for today:
Upper body: Warm, Long-sleeved base layer and a jacket for wind-blocking
Lower body: A single layer, riding pants or shorts and knee warmers, or knickers.
Hands: Warm gloves or light mitts.
Feet: Warm socks, or shoe-covers.
Head: beanie that covers your ears, or ear warmers.

Sunset is 5:43
Civil Twilight is 6:17
Nautical Twilight is 6:55

See you on the trails,

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