Weekend Rides

As per our Pavers website weekend rides meet at Java Express at 09:00 and leave at 09:30. In the spring we delay it half an hour because of temperature but it’s time to go back to our regular schedule. It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend so get out there and ride, get some Giro stages done. I’m leaving for Holidays on Sat and will be gone for a month so ride lots and we’ll see you when I get back. Don’t forget the time change and mention it to others who might not be aware of it…


2 thoughts on “Weekend Rides

  1. Wondering if there is a ride on July 1st?
    I am from out of town and would to go for a ride with your group.
    I am in Assiniboia and would drive to meet a group.
    Dave Embury

  2. Sorry David, I was away and unable to check the comments. I believe that the rides still go on Holidays, with whoever shows up. Sorry I couldn’t help you!

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