Buffalo Pound on Bikepirate.com

Hey Everyone,
The Buffalo Pound Trail network is now on bikepirate.com.  Bike Pirate is a Canadian website that provides information on mountain biking trails around the world.  This is just the beginning and eventually there will be updates on trail conditions.  This is just the start of this and there is lots of work to do as each trail needs photos, GPX files and a brief write-up.  The owner of the site is using these trails to test new software and I will be the admin for the site.  The direct link is http://www.bikepirate.com/x-country-trails/buffalo-pound-mountain-bike-trails/.  A big thank-you to Matt and Jocelyn Froehlich for help getting this started!

One thought on “Buffalo Pound on Bikepirate.com

  1. Hey, That is awesome. I was hoping that would happen. Good Job!

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