Giro Update

Here are the latest stats for the Giro d’Moose Jaw

Giro Chart 6/6/2013

Now that we have some riders completing ‘The Giro’, (congratulations Jim and Reg), the question is do we continue to track completed stages?

YES, if you have started to do stages twice or even three times, send that information to Jim, he will put down the latest date that you completed the stage.

You may track Giro 2 rides even if you have not completed ‘The Giro’. But if you do not complete the Giro you do not receive your T-shirt.

This weeks rides will count towards your Giro 2 stats.

Time trial times can be upgraded as well, if you have a great TT or TTT time let Jim know.

This is completely voluntary! There is no ‘reward’ for riding the stages twice, except that your name will be entered in a draw for a prize.

We do not have a prize chosen for the Giro 2, but riders who complete it twice will be put into a draw for a wonderful gift….If you complete the Giro 3, your name will be entered in a second time.

Thanks to all the riders making this a fun event and helping each other complete the stages. If you are needing a certain stage to help you complete your Giro make sure you let us know at ride time…we may split into two groups to help people finish their rides.

And remember you have all summer to complete these rides, so have fun!

Ride Safe,


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