Giro Stage 20 changed

After much discussion, the Giro route committee has decided to reroute Stage 20.

Instead of the group ride, the new Stage 20 will be a longer ride with a few of our little hills thrown in.

The name of this stage will be either: ‘The Seven Hills’. or ‘A Hill of a Ride’ (let me know what you prefer)

From Java Express: East on Manitoba expressway to Hwy 1, continue East to the Weyburn Turn off, continue up the Hwy 39 Hill to the railway tracks just past Pasqua, turn there, head back North and take the first turn off to the right. Take the approach to Hwy 1 and heading East go up the Paintball hill past the Paintball intersection to the next paved approach. Turn there and head West on Hwy 1, to the Hwy 301 turn off. Take the Hwy 301 Hill up to the top of the hill (usual turn around spot) and head back down the hill under the Hwy and up the Hwy 39 Hill, take the first left turn back to hwy 1, go up the Paintball Hill, but this time turn at the Paintball Intersection, Heading west now, take the Hwy 301 intersection and ride up to the top of the 301 Hill . Turn there down the hill to the first right turn up to Hwy 1, Heading west up to the top of the Garbage Dump Hill. Stop there and regroup if necessary, cross highway down to Manitoba Expressway and return to Java Express. Approximate distance 46 km.



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