Giro Time Trial is now marked

Stages 16 and 19 are our Time Trial and Team Time Trial.  It is a 6 km long course.

They follow the same route and while the elevation at the start is almost 28m higher than the finish, it is long enough to provide some lung pounding riding…

The start is at the Sukanan Village intersection.  There is a single orange ribbon on a telephone marker and a white line is painted on the road.

(these are painted in temporary paint, so when they get faded please let me know)

The finish is just past Top Line Salvage, it is lined up with a highway ‘Truck Route’ sign, with two orange ribbons on it and a line painted on the highway.

There is a 200m marker as well by the divided highway sign.

The idea of a time trial is to record the fastest time possible; individually (Stage 16) or with up to 3 of your fastest friends, (Stage 19).

This is a non competitive Giro, but the TT and TTT is an opportunity to clock your fastest 6 km.

So pick a calm day or a day with a South wind and go for it….or just go out and ride it.


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