Join the Pavers!

Join our club!


  1. Go to and choose either method, online registration or mail in form.  Sask. Cycling handles registration for all sanctioned clubs in the province.
  2. Fill out the form and choose Moose Jaw Pavers as your club of choice.
  3. You will pay $35.00 ($30.00 SCA membership and $5.00 Paver membership)
  4. SCA will send us your contact information and the $5.00.


  1. All Paver members must be SCA members as they provide the liability insurance we need to operate as a club.
  2. When non-members participate in Paver rides, activities etc. the club risks not being insured for that activity and the individual members participating also loose their insurance.
  3. The SCA provides grant money to the Paver Club, which helps subsidize many of the programs and activities the club offer.  This grant money is based on the number of members.
  4. The Paver Club offers many programs, rides and opportunities for members to participate in cycling and enjoy the social benefits as well.
  5. The Paver Club is very active as a promoter and positive voice for all aspects of cycling both in the community and the province.
  6. The club is actively working to encourage, support and educate children and teens in technical skills and safety measures so they can enjoy the sport for many years to come.

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