Bob’s TNR

Oops, Bob sent his usual Tuesday email, but the wind blew it right out of my mind! The ride has already come and gone, but here is Bob’s pre-ride update!

Tuesday February 19, 2013
Starting from DQ on Caribou St between 4th & 5th Avenue NW
6:15 start time
Last week, one rider enjoyed the preview of spring.
This week, Mistress Tuesday says “stop wearing shorts in February kids!”.
Below average temperature, blowing snow and bitter windchill.
The ride is what we in the winter cycling world call “fun”.
On a bright note, lights are not necessary for the first half of the ride.
Wear a helmet,
Bring water to drink,
Check the air in your tires.
Sunset is 6:28
Civil Twilight is 7:01
Nautical Twilight is 7:39
See you on the trails,

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