Bob’s TNR

Tuesday February 5, 2013
Starting from DQ on Caribou St between 4th & 5th Avenue NW
6:15 start time

Last week, two riders braved -26 temperature with a -40 windchill.
This week, high of -3. Hawaiian shirts and Speedos are recommended.
I don’t normally endorse products, but the “T-Max Heat” socks I got for christmas work excellent.
They are like having a stuffed animal on your feet, and it reminded me that my next pair of winter shoes should be a half-size larger.
Good on their own to -15 or so, I used liner socks (Peavy Mart) with them last week. Only $10/pair at Mark’s if you can still buy winter gear.
For ‘normal’ winter and spring/fall temperatures, get a pair of Merino wool socks from Boh’s. They work like magic.
Wear a helmet,
Bring water to drink,
Check the air in your tires.

Sunset is 6:03
Civil Twilight is 6:38
Nautical Twilight is 7:17

See you on the trails,

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