Spring Class 2012: Thank you volunteers!

Once again we have successfully hosted the Spring Classic SCA Road Race #1.  We did this thanks to a fabulous group of volunteers.  Barret (race organizer and volunteer) was very complimentary of our group of volunteers.  He has organized, not only several bike races but comes from a sport background where he has worked with many volunteers over the years.  His comment yesterday was not only to the number of people we had out but to the caliber of volunteer.  I will attempt to paraphrase what he said.

Not only did we have goods numbers but he was able to pass out assignments and then forget about those things and carry on with his many other duties as organizer.  The volunteers accepted their jobs graciously and took them seriously and went and carried them out incredibly well and this made his job much, much easier.  He asked that I add his thanks to my own so:

As a participant I really enjoyed the road race on Sunday because of the confidence I had in the marshals, especially at the intersections where you were having to stop traffic for us.  I was very comfortable riding hard through stop signs knowing I was in good hands.  (this is not the case at all races)  I know there was also a great job and a lot of work handled at the other two venues (on Saturday) and under trying circumstances of both bad weather and time delays.

To everyone who volunteered please read this poem.  I truly believe it is true:

Ode To A Volunteer

Many will be shocked to find
When the Day of Judgment nears
That there’s a special place in Heaven
set aside for volunteers.

Furnished with big recliners,
Satin couches and footstools
Where there’s no committee chair,
No group leaders or carpools.

Telephone lists will be outlawed
But a finger snap will bring
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners,
And rare treats fit for a king.

You ask,
Who’ll serve the privileged few
And work for all they’re worth?
Why, those who reaped benefits
And not once volunteered on earth.

Thanks again!
Jim Large
MJ Pavers President

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